A world dominated by a vast, slowly decaying empire that gets superhuman powers by feeding on the Black Blood of the Earth. The empire is ruled by a decadent aristocracy that holds court in soaring towers and bolsters its crumbling authority by conjuring vast amounts of wealth out of thin air. Backing the aristocracy is a caste of corrupt sorcerers whose incantations keep the populace disorganized, deluded, and passive. Entire provinces of the empire are ravaged by droughts, storms, and other disasters caused by the misuse of the Earth’s Black Blood, while prophecies from the past warn of much worse to come. Meanwhile, far from the centers of power, the members of a scattered fellowship struggle to find and learn the forgotten lore of an earlier time, which might just hold the secret of survival…

Who are the heroes who will turn the pages of the long-lost tomes of power, using their forgotten lore to forge a wand of power out of the rays of the Sun, shatter the deceptive spells of the lords of the world, and rise up amidst the wreckage of a dying empire to become the seedbearers of an age that is not yet born?

(This is a provisional description, edited slightly from its inspirational source.)

Black Blood of the Earth